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Did you know that many tick diseases are caused by improper removal of ticks?

"Tick tweezers are tick squeezers"


Why a new device for removing ticks?

Since tweezers or forceps often squeeze or damage the tick due to their rigid material, the Tickgripper gently extracts the tick by rotation with its flexible gripper head, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

• Precision mechanics
• Made in Germany
• Patented
• No batteriens
• Replaceable gripper head

For many years, the Tickgripper has proven to be a reliable tool for the removal of ticks. With its flexible gripper head it prevents an uncontrolled squeezing of the tick and thereby helps to minimize the risk of infection.

The removal of large ticks is usually not a problem, but the removal of small ticks is a challenge. Just as large ticks, small ticks can be infested with pathogens and should therefore be removed as quickly as possible. However, it is important that this is done as gently as possible so as to avoid infection. You may have to apply the Tickgripper several times to remove small ticks, but that is generally better than to squeeze it with a tweezer or forceps.

When removing very small ticks, it is very important to position the tick exactly in the middle of the jaws. The open gripper head was developed specifically for that purpose.


From now on, every package contains the new, open gripper head.




Since the new, open, yellow gripper head has proven itself extremely well for humans and animals, the division into Tickgripper MED for humans and VET for animals will be abolished in the course of 2023. The Tickgripper can be used universally for humans and animals. A closed, green gripper head is included for removing large ticks.




Protected by patents

EP 1 658 012 B1
EP 3 174 481 B1
US 7,699,869 B2


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