Ticks can transmit diseases. This happens when ticks themselves are infected by pathogens and transmit them by a tick bite on humans.


Borrelia in the intestine

Tick-borne encephalitis virus in the salivary glands

This is exactly why it is important to remove ticks gently without squeezing them.

The most well-known tick-borne diseases include Lyme disease caused by Borrelia and the tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) caused by tick-borne encepahlitis virus.

Less well known diseases which can be transmitted through tick bite include Q-Fever, which is caused by the Coxiella burnetii bacteria, EhrlichiosisBabesiosis and Tularemia

Your sent in tick can be screened for many pathogens using the PCR-method. This can be used to determine whether the tick poses a risk of infection.


Take every tick bite seriously. Avoid squeezing the tick when removing it.